People in Motion

The ‘People in Motion’ database will describe many thousands of people at different points in their lives. The reconstitution of historical life trajectories on a large scale enables research into social mobility, labour market adjustment, the origins of inequality, immigration and emigration, cultural change and the earlier life determinants of later life health.


Professors John Cranfield, Kris Inwood and Graeme Morton
and post-doctoral scholars Luiza Antonie and Andrew Ross are developing a custom record-linkage system that will construct PIM from historical census and military records.

Supporting bodies


PIM collaborates with colleagues elsewhere within the framework of the North Atlantic Population Project. At the University of Guelph the project is hosted by the
Historical Data Research Unit with support from the Library, College of Management and Economics, College of Arts and the Ontario Agricultural College.

For more information please contact Kris Inwood.

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